Much of Mr. White’s experience is rooted in the design and development of water supply distribution systems. Mr. White can prepare specifications, bid documents, and cost estimates enabling clients to obtain construction bids. Mr. White also provides construction project management services ensuring the project is properly installed in the field. These services include the collection of quality control data, design of field changes, preparation of change orders, documentation of field progress, and preparation of as-built drawings and reports. Representative projects are summarized below.

Upgrade of Refinery Firewater Systems

Provided oversight on a project consisting of design engineering and construction management services to upgrade firewater systems at two oil refineries in northern Utah. The completed projects included the installation of over 30,000 feet of new pipeline, with diameters ranging up to 16 inches, to deliver over 6,000 gallons per minute of water throughout the refineries.

Feet of New Pipeline
Inch Pipe (max)
Gallons Per Minute

Water Supply Distribution System for a Rural Community

Evaluated the water supply distribution system for a rural community of approximately 750 people in southern Utah. Developed conceptual plans and preliminary cost estimates for upgrading their system to provide a long-term solution to their water needs, including rehabilitation of a backwater water-supply well, replacement of an old pipeline carrying water from the town’s springs to the storage tanks, installation of additional pipes within the town limits to improve their fire-fighting capacity, and installation of an automation system to allow remote communication between the storage tank and the town center. Prepared a preliminary engineering report and assisted the town in obtaining grants and loans from funding agencies. Managed final design and construction of the required improvements. Also assisted the town in obtaining funding for a medical center and a fire station.

Storage Reservoir Outlet Works Modification

Served as lead water resource engineer in the evaluation of options for modifying the outlet works of a storage reservoir in northeastern Utah. Modifications to the outlet works in the early 1990s increased the amount of water stored in the reservoir, but all of the increase was in dead storage. With increased evaporation and seepage, this actually decreased the amount of water available to satisfy downstream water rights. Mr. White assisted the project team in developing five alternatives and associated cost estimates for increasing the available water that could be drawn from the reservoir.

Water supply - Reservoir outlet works1
Water supply - Reservoir outlet works2

Design Large Water Supply Distribution Systems

Designed a water‑supply and distribution system for a proposed 300‑lot summer‑home development. Also designed and supervised construction of water-supply wells for municipalities, recreational facilities, a surface coal mine, and an industrial facility. Yields ranged up to several thousand gallons per minute. Conducted siting investigations to locate the wells, using geophysical, photogrammetric, and geologic interpretation. Supervised drilling activities and performed pumping tests to determine the long‑term yield of the wells.


Deep Water Well Design and Construction Management

Designed a water-supply well with a depth of approximately 5,400 feet to provide industrial water for a surface coal mine in eastern Wyoming. Prepared specifications for construction of the well and subcontracted the drilling services. The well was drilled to supply a yield of approximately 500 gallons per minute of water. Provided oversight of drilling and construction activities throughout the turn-key project.


Analyses of Alternative Water Supplies

Conducted hydrologic analyses to determine the adequacy of existing and proposed water supplies for use at coal-fired power plants in Utah. Examined alternative surface and groundwater sources to supplement existing supplies. Conceptually designed alternative supplies.